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My other car is a pair of boots!


Gear library highlights: Hiking packs, hiking poles, ultra light tents, sleeping pads & bags, water treatment systems, camp kitchen set ups, Garmin inReach.

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Bus Accessible Hikes

Herring Cove: It's the perfect sunrise / sunset lookout that will make your instagram stories famous. 

Susie's Lake​: A great chain of lakes to explore on foot and go for a swim. 

The Bluff: An exec favorite, with three varying lengths, come for a day hike, run, or even canoe portage! 

Long Lake: Close to the city and great for a swim, the Long Lakes are great for running and quick hikes.

Sir Stanford Fleming Park: In the shadow of the phallic dingle roam through the coastal groves on the northwestern arm. 

Hemlock Ravine Park​: Some of the best near city mushrooming foraging and quick escapes into the forest. Hemlock Ravine has beautiful trees and is perfect for the quick hike. 

Purcell's Cove Backlands: There is a great swimming pond with a fun jumping rock! Bring a picnic or your running shoes. 

Day trip!

Duncan's Cove: President Sam likes this one. This longer walk provides plenty of rugged Nova Scotian views. Bring the binos— there's a seal colony.

Lawrencetown Lookout: Don't fall off the edge! If you like erosion and cliffs this is the hike for you. Be considerate while parking near residential homes.

Polly's Cove: Much better than her older sister Peggy. There are probably rocks, views, and swim spots nearby!

Cape Split​: Now this is the spot. Although seemingly far away, "its like a hike, 12 km round trip, little relief gain, beautiful view, enjoy lunch in Wolfville afterwards".

Bayer's Lake Loop: Google gave this is five stars and we agree! Good views, rugged trail, and pretty forest. 

Victoria Park (Truro): Big Park with great walking trails, waterfalls, bridges, the whole nine yards.



Overnight hikes

Kejimkujik: Old growth forest and sacred land. Leave no trace and make good memories. Look into options for canoeing.

Cape Chignecto: Coastal Hiking, sandy beaches, maybe fossils!

Pollet's Cove: When in Cape Breton, Pollet's cove is a MUST! Camp, swim, and leave no trace. 

Fundy Footpath (New Brunswick): Usually a 4-5 day hike. Worth doing research to find the special spots.

Kenomee Canyon Trail: Far away but beautiful!

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