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Motorcycle Routes

For those of us who treasure the journey just as much as the destination

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The Cabot Trail

Located in Cape Breton, The Cabot Trail is a ~300 km loop that acts as the big boss for motorcyclists in Nova Scotia. You’ll be taken all along the picturesque coastline of the eastern tip with plenty of surprises.


Pro tip: Travel Counterclockwise If you’ve only got one choice, CCW is the way to go! Easy access to the dozens of open photo spots around the Trail and right up against the cliff’s edge without the opposite lane blocking your view. Just try not to fall off.


Tight corners: Pucker up! The Trail will keep you on the edge of your seat (or hanging off it) along hundreds of hairpins and tight corners. Check your tires, keep your line, and burn some rubber!


Ear popper: The Trail has over 3000 m of elevation change as you wind your way up to the highest point in the province then dive down back to sea level!

Ye Ole Highways

The old highways travel along the newer 100-series highways but will take you on venerable paths that wind their way along the coastline or through the woods and won’t bore you with a hundred kilos of straight road. Playback your favourite music or join a group of riders while you get to your destination the fun way.


HWY #1: Heading off to Wolfville? The #1 cuts across the peninsula and presents an easygoing journey through various forested regions. Take in the fresh air and watch for deer crossings!


HWY #2: This highway takes you around the Bay of Fundy with awesome views of the coastline. Take a break by the lighthouses dotted along the way for a quick bite and a slice of NS history.


HWY #3: Heading to Lunenburg or beyond? Try the 3 over the 103! This path takes you through sights along the coast and past local fishing communities while you enjoy the salty breeze and sweeping turns.


HWY #4: Getting to Antigonish doesn’t have to be a chore, take the #4! … Well, actually the 104 might be a better choice for you unless you like swerving around potholes and dodging loose gravel. This one is for the masochist

HWY #1.png
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