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Let's get those buns sandy


Sorry if the other comment was a little cheeky


Within 30 minutes if your foot's really on the pedal

Crystal Crescent: There's like three beaches! A boardwalk! Third beach is nude!

Sandy Cove: Small, quiet, great to lounge and snorkel.

Lawrencetown: Rocks, sand, surfers.

Conrad's: Lawrencetown's sandy older brother.

Rainbow Haven: Maybe the closest to town? We've never really timed it.

South Shore

Gaff's Point: Awesome hike to get here. Definitely worth the effort.

Carter's Beach: You can camp here!

Crescent Beach: The last beach in Nova Scotia you can legally drive on. 

Hirtle's Beach: Beautiful 2km long sandy beach.

Risser's Beach: Full provincial campground with amenities.


Eastern Shore

Martinique: Sea, sand, surf, this beach is long and great for strollin'.

Taylor's Head: Great campgrounds near by.

Clam Harbour: Clams, harbours, what's not to like!

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