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Come join Bricin and Patricia

Highlands Hostel

Seriously, go out of your way to stay here.

the church.jpg
the church.jpg

The Space

Highlands Hostel is located in Cape North, Cape Breton. This is your perfect base camp to explore the east, west, and north sections of the island— it is a very short drive to the National Park. 

The hostel is a converted church and just may be the most fun space ever built. There's a disco bell tower. There are bunkbeds. There's a drum set in the attic. There's a chicken coop right outside.

Owner, Bricin, is currently converting the upstairs to a longboarding museum: The Church of Skatin'

The hostel has 25 beds and loads of private bathrooms. Book your room today!


Cape North Activity Highlights


Meat Cove Mountain

Money Point

Wilkie Sugarloaf

Tenerife Mountain (Pictured on the left).

Pollet's Cove (day trip with great overnight options)

Aspy Trail

Skiing & Snowshoeing: South Ridge Wilderness Trails (back country), Cape Smokey, North Highlands Nordic.

Beaches: Meat Cove, Dingwall Beach, Cabots Landing, Burton's Beach, South Harbour Beach, White Point Beach, Black Brook Beach

See DOS' Cape North November 2022 trip summary here!

kids on beach.jpg

The Family

Bricin and Patricia moved themselves and their two children from BC to Cape North in a converted bus (with like ten bunkbeds???) which now can be used to party if you're staying up past quiet hours— check it out under the 'SPEAKERS' section on their Instagram.

The family couldn't be more welcoming— Bricin will keep you entertained with stories for hours. 

(This is not paid advertising, DOS is actually just in love with these people and this place).

kids on beach.jpg
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