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Can I sit on your handle bars?


Gear Library highlights: Bikepacks!


Bike & Bean

If you’re up for a trek for lunch—a 60km round trip to the Bike and Bean in Tantallon is dope! Along the

B.L.T. Rails to Trails the whole way!

Shear Water Flyer Trail

Up for a challenge? Bike the 62km round trip from Halifax to Lawrencetown beach, by following along the bridge (or ferry) to the Dartmouth Water Front Trail, the Shear Water Flyer Trail, The Atlantic View Trail, and then to the beach. If you’re up for a shorter route—Rainbow Haven Beach is along the way.


Near Town Destinations 

Purcell's Cove: If you're feeling up for some riding on bigger roads there is a good bike lane along Purcell's Cove road that ends in Purcell's Cove. If traffic isn't too busy and you want a longer ride, it can be nice to do this ride as a loop and head out of the City along Herring Cove road and then loop back into city along Purcell's cove. In Purcell's Cove there is a great hiking/biking trail system.

Lakes: The is a nice system of trails starting at Lake Banook that can bring you all the way up to Lake Charles.


Mountain Biking

McIntosh Runs Singletrack: Looking for some backcountry terrain close to the city? The McIntosh Runs singletrack offers superb riding and is only a 30 minute bike ride from Dalhousie. Bike through barrens of charred pine trees, up and down granite boulders, and to viewpoints of Downtown Halifax, Herring Cove, and Spryfield! Detailed rail map. Interactive map.


Railyard: Need some time outside of the city? Venture out to Victoria Park in Truro for some flowy singletrack and wicked features! Interactive Map

Wentworth: The popular ski hill has become a fast-growing mountain biking destination over the past years. If you’re looking for rewarding climbs, Wentworth is worth the visit for some serious (Nova Scotian) downhill! 


Local Challenges

If you don’t have time for a full day trip - try beating the local legends on the Vernon sprint (29 seconds!) OR the Citdadel Siege Lap (1:28!)

Gear Library highlights: Bikepacks!

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