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Nova Scotian Nature Aphrodisiacs

Outdoor Dates

Where love can grow on this rocky, barren peninsula


If it works out, DOS gets to plan the wedding

Herring Cove: Ocean lookout, wine and cheese, bring a blanket!

Tea Lake: swimming, picnic, short hike, keep going to find the old quarry.

Point Pleasant Park: basic, easy, no stakes, you can always swim away!

Lawrencetown Lookout: Setting the bar high, eroding coast, growing love, plenty of places to tuck away (fall in love, not into the sea).

If it doesn't work out, I'm sure SMU can be to blame

Citadel Hill: Because, duh.

St Mary’s Boat Club: Go to the far left corner of the parking lot to find a trail to a coastal clearing (with a picnic table!).

Oakland Docks: I hope you won’t mind the groups of first-years listening in. 

Sir Stanford Fleming Park: loads of hidden coastal benches. 

Ferry to Dartmouth Waterfront: You two can be the light on the dark side.

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