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The Icy East

Skiing/ Snowboarding

Whether you're on one plank or two, on a lift or in the backcountry, you've found the right page.


Ski Hills

Wentworth: 1.5h from downtown. Pricing. Cheaper night rates. Usually discounts Mon-Weds.

Martock: 50min from downtown. Pricing. Cheaper night rates (lift lines tend to be long in evenings due to Halifax crowd).

Ben Eoin: 4h from downtown. Pricing.

Cape Smokey: 4.5h from downtown. Pricing.

Wentworth Backcountry

There is one super easy to access backcountry area right down the road from Wentworth ski hill. Pull over on the side of the road by the Wentworth sign. Here on google maps. Trail is easy to follow and there are fun bridges! Yahoo!


Cape North Backcountry

South Ridge Wilderness Trails: You can find everything you need on their Facebook page. Owner of a large mountainous property maintains both trails as well as access to large backcountry areas. Donation box in parking lot. This is the place to be. If you go, for the love of god, stay at Highlands Hostel, the most magical place in the world. 

New to backcountry?

You don't need a touring set up to get into backcountry— especially in Nova Scotia. The best thing to do is jerryrig a backpack to hold your skis or board and strap on some snow shoes. You can borrow them for free from the DOS Gear Library, or from any community center in Nova Scotia— find out where.

Gear library highlights: Garmin inReach, hiking poles, hiking packs.

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