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Nova Scotian 

Climbing and Bouldering

Hang off the sharpest crystals on the east coast! 



Welcome to Nova Scotian climbing scene! Here we are inclusive, active, and can be found in all of Halifax's nooks and crannies. Grab a guidebook from East Peak Climbing or Seven Bays Bouldering to find out where to go outside. Venture down to the Rock Court in the dungeons of the Dalplex to train on campus. Check out the (cherished) climbing guidebook website to find out where else it is available.

One of the best parts of climbing here is finding the ruddy partner to haul you up and down our petite crags. When in doubt, ask about!

Gear library highlights: 4 crash pads!



Bouldering in Nova Scotia is some of the burliest available. Do you love balancing up cheese grating highballs or pulling your hardest on teeny tiny little holds? You can find a way to rock your world. If you are starting out and looking to play in the gym, go to Seven Bays Bouldering on Gottingen Street or their BIG facility in Bayers lake. Likewise, if you are yearning for your next project, check out MOBETA for a well curated online guide to bouldering outdoors.


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Photos by Lola Drewery | Insta: @drewery.jpg

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